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    Lancer - Beverage Dispensers


The reliable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly beverage dispensing solutions from Lancer are built to last and made to suit the variety that your business needs and your customers want.

Area Wide, Inc. is proud to be authorized to sell and service the full line of Lance beverage dispensers, beer systems, ice dispensers and accessories to companies in the Greater St. Louis and Southern Illinois Area.

We are equipped to provide service and sales on the innovative Lancer beverage beer tap, fountain soda and juice machines and have experience in working with the following beverage dispensing product lines:

  • Bevariety (BEVACIB 22, BEV ACIB 30, BEV ACIB 44 & BEV Drop In)
  • Flavor Select (FS22, FS30, FS44, FS60)
  • Counter Electric Dispensers (CED 500 & 1500 STD & HI, CED 2500 & 8000 STD & CED 9000 – Delta III)
  • Ice Cooled Dispensers (ICD 2200, 2300, 2400 models plus ICD 23300)
  • Ice Beverage Dispensers (IBD 4500 in all sizes, Sensation Chewable Ice Dispenser)
  • Tower Dispensers (Tower 300, Unicorn & Metal Towers)
  • Non-Carbonated Beverage Dispensers (Minuit Made Juicers, Tea Urns & more)
  • Ice Chests & Dispensers
  • Accessories 
  • and much more!

More information about specific product lines can be found by visiting the Lancer website.

To learn more about Lancer beverage dispensers sales and service from Area Wide, Inc. contact one of our sales representatives by filling out our simple form, or by calling us at 1-800-648-3740.